Hide and Buckler started with a U.S. Merchant Marine whose son became a cobbler, and a cobbler whose son became an artisan leather-craftsman...

Andrew Rosas, owner and creative at Hide and Buckler
Andrew Rosas - Owner, Designer and Creator at Hide and Buckler

"One day, when I was a little boy, I was spending time with my grandfather in the house he raised my father in. We were fumbling around in the garage doing some cleanup and organizing tools. At one point he bent down and picked up an old shoelace. He started flipping the ends and twisting the string around his fingers. I stood next to him watching, confused and amazed, and when he was finished, he gave it to me. He had tied this old shoelace into a knot known as a 'Monkey's Fist.' I had never seen a knot like this before, and he tied it with such a steady hand. As a U.S. Merchant Marine, this was just one of several thousand knots my grandfather had knotted over the course of his life, but this particular one was a seed he planted in my head, one that never stopped growing.

Fast forward 27 years. With seven years worth of apprenticeships under a master leather craftsman and two cobblers, I still think about that 'Monkey's Fist' my grandfather gave me those many years ago. It was, and continues to be, the inspiration for many of my pieces. Sitting in my workshop in San Francisco (a bit older now and with tougher hands), when I create a piece, I try to convey through simplicity and craftsmanship that same feeling of wonder I had with that first 'Monkey's Fist'. Building this brand has been a dream come true and I am grateful for the opportunity to create these pieces and give them to the world. So thank you."


The Reason

I found myself looking for accessories to go with my outfits but would consistently end up paying top-dollar for poorly made costume jewelry, plastic and pot metal pieces that would fall apart. This is not the experience I wanted for anybody. I wanted something durable, reliable, and still stylish and wearable, and when I couldn’t find it, I got to work designing. Now I share my designs and pieces with the world. 

The Brand

Hide and Buckler is a San Francisco-born brand of rugged refinement that stemmed from the idea that longevity, sophistication, and individuality are tied to details, to meticulousness and excellence, and not just a logo. Quality materials and quality craftsmanship, taking pride in your work and having pride in your life, this is what a reputation should be based on, and those are things that we at Hide and Buckler will never compromise on. 

The Name

Hide and Buckler is a reference to the leather chest plating (hide) and small shield (buckler) used in sword combat during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The name was chosen based on where these protective armor pieces are worn, namely the wrist and the neck/chest where Hide and Buckler accessories are worn. It is a name meant to convey a sense of safety and security. 

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